Doudou Label - Turquoise Fox


A label comforter is good, but a personalized label comforter is really GREAT. Give the perfect gift to those around you and be unique with a product from Manoushka Création. Create unforgettable memories.

Personalized cuddly toys are perfect for godmothers/godfathers, grandparents, family, colleagues, friends... who are looking for the ideal gift for a party, birth, baptism, wish...

This personalized comforter will live up to all expectations:

  • THEY are approximately 9 x 9 inches square
    THEY are equipped with a press button (to attach a pacifier, ring, etc.)
    Ring not provided
    THE Ribbons can be different colors
    THEY  are really sweet
  • Its content is 100% polyester.
  • It complies with toy safety regulations (Reg. No. PA-16503 (CN )