Wall Sticker - Ballerina


A Wall Sticker is great, but a personalized Wall Sticker is really AWESOME! Give the perfect gift to those around you and be unique with a product from Manoushka Création.

Whether for the house, the apartment, the office or the store, the mural is a must-have if you want to stand out! You can easily install them yourself.

What should I know before installing my mural?

The murals adhere to almost any smooth , clean surface, so the surface should be cleaned with water before installation.

If your wall has imperfections, it is best to correct it, as these imperfections can show.

Your wall needs to be painted with paint. It is not recommended to install a mural directly onto Placoplâtre or paint primer.

If your wall is freshly painted, you should wait at least 3 weeks before installing your mural. Otherwise your mural may not adhere properly to your wall.

Your questions...

  • Can I clean my wall sticker?

Yes. Clean gently (without rubbing excessively) with a damp sponge. Excessive rubbing may damage the printed surface.

  • Can I install a mural in a bathroom or a room with high humidity?

No. The standard wall-mounted equipment that we use is not designed to be installed in very humid areas such as the bathroom.

  • Can the murals be installed outdoors?

No, since the material used is for interior use only. If you want to print something to go outside, contact us by email, we will offer you an outdoor vinyl with lamination which will protect the print from bad weather.

  • Can I peel off my mural without damaging the surface?

Yes, the wall will not be damaged. These stickers are removable without damaging walls or other surfaces, but in certain circumstances this depends on the quality of the paint. You can peel them off by hand.

  • Are decorative murals reusable?

No, once they are peeled from a surface they may stretch, so will not necessarily retain their shape.